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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Aug-2011Parental catastrophizing about children's pain and selective attention to varying levels of facial expression of pain in children: A dot-probe studyVervoort, Tine; Caes, Line; Crombez, Geert; Koster, Ernst; Van, Damme Stefaan; Dewitte, Marieke; Goubert, Liesbet-Journal Article
Jul-2011Social modulation of facial pain display in high-catastrophizing children: An observational study in schoolchildren and their parentsVervoort, Tine; Caes, Line; Trost, Zina; Sullivan, Michael J L; Vangronsveld, Karoline; Goubert, Liesbet-Journal Article
Jan-2011Parental catastrophizing about child's pain and its relationship with activity restriction: The mediating role of parental distressCaes, Line; Vervoort, Tine; Eccleston, Christopher; Vandenhende, Marieke; Goubert, Liesbet-Journal Article
Dec-2015Status of Grauer’s Gorilla and Chimpanzees in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: Historical and Current Distribution and AbundancePlumptre, Andrew J; Nixon, Stuart; Critchlow, Rob; Vieilledent, Ghislain; Nishuli, Radar; Kirkby, Andrew; Williamson, Elizabeth A; Hall, Jefferson S; Kujirakwinja, Deo-Technical Report
Apr-1998Survey of Grauer's gorillas (Gorilla gorilla graueri) and eastern chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthi) in the Kahuzi-Biega National Park lowland sector and adjacent forest in eastern Democratic Republic of CongoHall, Jefferson S; White, Lee; Inogwabini, Bila-Isia; Omari, Ilambu; Morland, Hilary; Williamson, Elizabeth A; Saltonstall, Kristin; Walsh, Peter; Sikubwabo, Claude; Dumbo, Bonny; Kiswele, Kaleme Prince; Vedder, Amy; Freeman, Kathy-Journal Article
Sep-1997A survey of elephants (Loxodonta africana) in the Kahuzi-Biega National Park lowland sector and adjacent forest in eastern ZaireHall, Jefferson S; Inogwabini, Bila-Isia; Williamson, Elizabeth A; Omari, Ilambu; Sikubwabo, Claude; White, Lee-Journal Article
2008Quantifying forest elephant social structure in Central African bai environmentsFishlock, Vicki; Lee, Phyllis C; Breuer, Thomas-Journal Article
Oct-1990Gorilla diet in the Lope Reserve, Gabon: A nutritional analysisRogers, M Elizabeth; Maisels, Fiona; Williamson, Elizabeth A; Fernandez, Michel; Tutin, Caroline E G-Journal Article
2003Distribution, Abundance, and Biomass Estimates for Primates within Kahuzi-Biega Lowlands and Adjacent Forest in Eastern DRCHall, Jefferson S; White, Lee; Williamson, Elizabeth A; Inogwabini, Bila-Isia; Ilambu, Omari-Journal Article
Nov-2012Recent decline in suitable environmental conditions for African great apesJunker, Jessica; Blake, Stephen; Boesch, Christophe; Campbell, Genevieve; du, Toit Louwrens; Duvall, Chris; Ekobo, Atanga; Etoga, Gilles; Galat-Luong, Anh; Gamys, Joel; Ganas-Swaray, Jessica; Gatti, Sylvain; Ghiurghi, Andrea; Granier, Nicolas; Hart, John; Herbinger, Ilka; Hicks, Thurston; Imong, Inaoyom; Kuempel, Noelle; Lahm, Sally A; Maisels, Fiona; Morgan, Bethan Jane; Mulindahabi, Felix; Mundry, Roger; Normand, Emmanuelle; Tiku, Okon David; Plumptre, Andrew J; Rainey, Hugo; Stokes, Emma; Tranquilli, Sandra; Sunderland-Groves, Jacqueline; Walsh, Peter; Warren, Ymke; Williamson, Elizabeth A; Kuehl, Hjalmar-Journal Article
Apr-2007Forest elephant crisis in the Congo BasinBlake, Stephen; Strindberg, Samantha; Boudjan, Patrick; Makombo, Calixte; Inogwabini, Bila-Isia; Ilambu, Omari; Grossmann, Falk; Bene-Bene, Lambert; de, Semboli Bruno; Mbenzo, Valentin; S'hwa, Dino; Bayogo, Rosine; Williamson, Elizabeth A; Fay, Mike; Hart, John; Maisels, Fiona-Journal Article
12-Oct-2017Common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) personality (Forthcoming/Available Online)Koski, Sonja E; Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M; Ash, Hayley; Burkart, Judith M; Bugnyar, Thomas; Weiss, Alexander-Journal Article
Jul-2003Gorillas in the crossfire: population dynamics of the Virunga mountain gorillas over the past three decadesKalpers, Jose; Williamson, Elizabeth A; Robbins, Martha M; McNeilage, Alastair; Nzamurambaho, Augustin; Lola, Ndakasi; Mugiri, Ghad-Journal Article
Mar-2010Elephants, ivory and tradeWasser, Samuel; Poole, Joyce H; Lee, Phyllis C; Lindsay, Keith; Dobson, Andrew; Hart, John; Douglas-Hamilton, Iain; Wittemyer, George; Granli, Petter; Morgan, Bethan Jane; Gunn, Jody; Alberts, Susan C; Beyers, Rene; Chiyo, Patrick; Croze, Harvey; Gobush, Kathleen; Joram, Ponjoli; Kikoti, Alfred; Kingdon, Jonathan; King, Lucy; Macdonald, David; Moss, Cynthia J; Mutayoba, Benezeth; Njumbi, Steve; Omondi, Patrick; Nowak, Katarzyna-Journal Article
-Unique Effects of Goal Setting on Behavior Change: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (Forthcoming)Epton, Tracy; Currie, Sinead; Armitage, Chris-Journal Article
28-Jun-2017Using camera traps to study the age–sex structure and behaviour of crop-using elephants Loxodonta africana in Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Tanzania (Forthcoming/Available Online)Smit, Josephine; Pozo, Rocío; Cusack, Jeremy; Nowak, Katarzyna; Jones, Trevor-Journal Article
Oct-2017The chronic and evolving neurological consequences of traumatic brain injuryWilson, J T Lindsay; Stewart, William; Dams-O'Connor, Kristen; Diaz-Arrastia, Ramon; Horton, Lindsay; Menon, David K; Polinder, Suzanne-Journal Article
Oct-2017Recognition memory and source memory in autism spectrum disorder: A study of the intention superiority and enactment effectsGrainger, Catherine; Williams, David; Lind, Sophie-Journal Article
14-Sep-2017Human mating strategies: from past causes to present consequences (Forthcoming/Available Online)Marzoli, Daniele; Havlicek, Jan; Roberts, S Craig-Journal Article
11-Sep-2017Lesions of the head direction cell system increase hippocampal place field repetitionHarland, Bruce; Grieves, Roderick; Bett, David; Stentiford, Rachael; Wood, Emma R; Dudchenko, Paul-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1131
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