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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
13-Mar-2017Parasite transmission in a natural multihost-multiparasite communityAuld, Stuart; Searle, Catherine; Duffy, Meghan-Journal Article
Nov-2013Causes and consequences of intra- and inter-host heterogeneity in defence against nematodesHayward, Adam-Journal Article
Jul-2015Globally, functional traits are weak predictors of juvenile tree growth, and we do not know whyPaine, C E Timothy; Amissah, Lucy; Auge, Harald; Baraloto, Christopher; Baruffol, Martin; Bourland, Nils; Bruelheide, Helge; Dainou, Kasso; de, Gouvenain Roland C; Doucet, Jean-Louis; Doust, Susan; Fine, Paul V A; Fortunel, Claire; Haase, Josephine; Holl, Karen D-Journal Article
Feb-2013Detecting genes for variation in parasite burden and immunological traits in a wild population: testing the candidate gene approachBrown, Emily A; Pilkington, Jill G; Nussey, Daniel H; Watt, Kathryn A; Hayward, Adam; Tucker, Rachel; Graham, Andrea; Paterson, Steve; Beraldi, Dario; Pemberton, Josephine M; Slate, Jon-Journal Article
Mar-2017Global biogeography of mating system variation in seed plantsMoeller, David; Briscoe, Runquist Ryan; Moe, Anika M; Geber, Monica; Goodwillie, Carol; Cheptou, Pierre-Olivier; Eckert, Christopher G; Elle, Elizabeth; Johnston, Mark O; Kalisz, Susan; Ree, Richard H; Sargent, Risa D; Vallejo-Marin, Mario; Winn, Alice A-Journal Article
Mar-2017Convergence of bark investment according to fire and climate structures ecosystem vulnerability to future changePellegrini, Adam; Anderegg, William R L; Paine, C E Timothy; Hoffmann, William A; Kartzinel, Tyler; Rabin, Sam S; Sheil, Douglas; Franco, Augusto C; Pacala, Stephen W-Journal Article
7-Feb-2017The neonicotinoid insecticide thiacloprid impacts upon bumblebee colony development under field conditionsEllis, Ciaran; Park, Kirsty; Whitehorn, Penelope R; David, Arthur; Goulson, Dave-Journal Article
28-Feb-2017Cyanobacterial endobionts within a major marine planktonic calcifier (Globigerina bulloides, Foraminifera) revealed by 16S rRNA metabarcodingBird, Clare; Darling, Kate; Russell, Ann; Davis, Catherine; Jennifer, Fehrenbacher; Free, Andrew; Wyman, Michael; Ngwenya, Bryne-Journal Article
May-2017(Re)Connecting spatial literacy with children's geographies: GPS, Google Earth and children's everyday livesJarvis, Claire; Kraftl, Peter; Dickie, Jennifer-Journal Article
14-Mar-2017Spatio-seasonal variability of chromophoric dissolved organic matter absorption and responses to photobleaching in a large shallow temperate lakeAullo-Maestro, Maria Encina; Hunter, Peter; Spyrakos, Evangelos; Mercatoris, Pierre; Kovacs, Attila W; Preston, Tom; Presing, Matyas; Torres-Palenzuela, Jesus M; Tyler, Andrew-Journal Article
19-Mar-2017Does the morphological fit between flowers and pollinators affect pollen deposition? An experimental test in a buzz-pollinated species with anther dimorphism (Forthcoming/Available Online)Solis-Montero, Lislie; Vallejo-Marin, Mario-Journal Article
1-Dec-2016Developments in Earth observation for the assessment and monitoring of inland, transitional, coastal and shelf-sea watersTyler, Andrew; Hunter, Peter; Spyrakos, Evangelos; Groom, Steve; Constantinescu, Adriana; Kitchen, Jonathan-Journal Article
9-Mar-2017Genetic variation and clonal diversity in introduced populations of Mimulus guttatus assessed by genotyping at 62 single nucleotide polymorphism loci (Forthcoming/Available Online)Pantoja, Pauline O; Porcar, Violetta; Puzey, Joshua R; Vallejo-Marin, Mario-Journal Article
2016A new field approach for the collection of samples for aquatic 14CO2 analysis using headspace equilibration and molecular sieve traps: The super headspace method (Forthcoming/Available Online)Garnett, Mark H; Billett, Michael; Gulliver, Pauline; Dean, Joshua-Journal Article
Oct-2016Developments in water quality monitoring and management in large river catchments using the Danube River as an exampleChapman, Deborah V; Bradley, Chris; Gettel, Gretchen M; Hatvani, Istvan Gabor; Hein, Thomas; Kovacs, Jozsef; Liska, Igor; Oliver, David; Tanos, Peter; Trasy, Balazs; Varbiro, Gabor-Journal Article
Oct-2016There's no place like home: seedling mortality contributes to the habitat specialisation of tree species across AmazoniaFortunel, Claire; Paine, C E Timothy; Fine, Paul V A; Mesones, Italo; Goret, Jean-Yves; Burban, Benoit; Cazal, Jocelyn; Baraloto, Christopher-Journal Article
Jun-2016Geochemistry and mineralogy of Western Australian salt lake sediments: Implications for Meridiani Planum on MarsRuecker, Alexander; Schröder, Christian; Byrne, James M; Weigold, Pascal; Behrens, Sebastian; Kappler, Andreas-Journal Article
Aug-2016Predicting bee community responses to land-use changes: Effects of geographic and taxonomic biasesDe, Palma Adriana; Abrahamczyk, Stefan; Aizen, Marcelo A; Albrecht, Matthias; Basset, Yves; Bates, Adam; Blake, Robin J; Boutin, Celine; Bugter, Rob; Connop, Stuart; Cruz-Lopez, Leopoldo; Cunningham, Saul A; Darvill, Ben; Diekotter, Tim; Dorn, Silvia-Journal Article
-Global variation in the beta diversity of lake macrophytes is driven by environmental heterogeneity rather than latitude (Forthcoming)Alahuhta, Janne; Kosten, Sarian; Akasaka, Munemitsu; Auderset, Dominique; Azzella, Mattia; Bolpagni, Rossano; Bove, Claudia P; Chambers, Patricia A; Chappuis, Eglantine; Ilg, Christiane; Clayton, John; de, Winston Mary; Ecke, Frauke; Gacia, Esperanca; Willby, Nigel-Journal Article
5-Sep-2016Functional diversity underlies demographic responses to environmental variation in European forests (Forthcoming/Available Online)Ruiz-Benito, Paloma; Ratcliffe, Sophia; Jump, Alistair; Gomez-Aparicio, Lorena; Madrigal-Gonzalez, Jaime; Wirth, Christian; Kändler, Gerald; Lehtonen, Aleksi; Dahlgren, Jonas; Kattge, Jens; Zavala, Miguel A-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1225
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