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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
24-Apr-2017The effects of invasive pests and pathogens on strategies for forest diversificationMacpherson, Morag; Kleczkowski, Adam; Healey, John; Quine, Christopher P; Hanley, Nick-Journal Article
20-Apr-2017Deleting Edges to Restrict the Size of an Epidemic: A New Application for Treewidth (Forthcoming/Available Online)Enright, Jessica; Meeks, Kitty-Journal Article
Nov-2016Distributed Reservoir Computing with Sparse ReadoutsScardapane, Simone; Panella, Massimo; Comminiello, Danilo; Hussain, Amir; Uncini, Aurelio-Journal Article
25-Apr-2017Waning immunity is associated with periodic large outbreaks of mumps: a mathematical modeling study of Scottish dataHamami, Dalila; Cameron, Ross; Pollock, Kevin G.; Shankland, Carron-Journal Article
25-Apr-2017Genetic Improvement of Software: a Comprehensive Survey (Forthcoming/Available Online)Petke, Justyna; Haraldsson, Saemundur Oskar; Harman, Mark; Langdon, William B; White, David; Woodward, John-Journal Article
22-Sep-2016PWHATSHAP: efficient haplotyping for future generation sequencingBracciali, Andrea; Aldinucci, Marco; Patterson, Murray; Marschall, Tobias; Pisanti, Nadia; Merelli, Ivan; Torquati, MassimoNonis, A; Di, Serio C; Lio', P; Tagliaferri, R; Rizzo, RConference Paper
1-Aug-2017A methodology for determining an effective subset of heuristics in selection hyper-heuristicsSoria-Alcaraz, Jorge A; Ochoa, Gabriela; Sotelo-Figeroa, Marco; Burke, Edmund K-Journal Article
7-Jun-2017Group Sparse Regularization for Deep Neural NetworksScardapane, Simone; Comminiello, Danilo; Hussain, Amir; Uncini, Aurelio-Journal Article
-Understanding the legacy of widespread population translocations on the post-glacial genetic 2 structure of the European beech, Fagus sylvatica L. (Forthcoming)Sjolund, M Jennifer; Gonzalez, Diaz Patricia; Moreno-Villena, Jose J; Jump, Alistair-Journal Article
-Search-based energy optimization of some ubiquitous algorithms (Forthcoming)Brownlee, Alexander; Burles, Nathan; Swan, Jerry-Journal Article
2017More on graphs with just three distinct eigenvaluesRowlinson, Peter-Journal Article
5-May-2017What is a vector?Wilson, Anthony; Morgan, Eric; Booth, Mark; Norman, Rachel; Perkins, Sarah; Hauffe, Heidi; Mideo, Nicole; Antonovics, Janis; McCallum, Hamish; Fenton, Andrew-Journal Article
Feb-2017Reconstructing disease transmission dynamics from animal movements and test dataO'Hare, Anthony; Enright, Jessica-Journal Article
5-May-2017Breaking beta: deconstructing the parasite transmission functionMcCallum, Hamish; Fenton, Andrew; Hudson, Peter J; Lee, Brian; Levick, Beth; Norman, Rachel; Perkins, Sarah; Viney, Mark; Wilson, Anthony; Lello, Joanne-Journal Article
Mar-2017A hyper-heuristic methodology to generate adaptive strategies for gamesLi, Jiawei; Kendall, Graham-Journal Article
Apr-2017Payment for multiple forest benefits alters the effect of tree disease on optimal forest rotation lengthMacpherson, Morag; Kleczkowski, Adam; Healey, John; Hanley, Nick-Journal Article
Mar-2017Mathematical Analysis of a Clonal Evolution Model of Tumour Cell ProliferationFarkas, Jozsef Zoltan; Webb, Glenn F-Journal Article
Nov-2015Inference in High Dimensional Parameter SpaceO'Hare, Anthony-Journal Article
Apr-2017Multilayered Echo State Machine: A Novel Architecture and AlgorithmMalik, Zeeshan; Hussain, Amir; Wu, Qingming Jonathan-Journal Article
9-Feb-2017On Nie-Tan operator and type-reduction of interval type-2 fuzzy sets (Forthcoming/Available Online)Li, Jiawei; John, Robert; Coupland, Simon; Kendall, Graham-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 355
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