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This collection contains electronic copies of conference papers and proceedings produced by Computing Science and Mathematics staff.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Jul-2018Investigating Benchmark Correlations when Comparing Algorithms with Parameter Tuning (Forthcoming)Christie, Lee A; Brownlee, Alexander; Woodward, John R-Conference Paper
Jul-2018Relating Training Instances to Automatic Design of Algorithms for Bin Packing via Features (Forthcoming)Brownlee, Alexander; Woodward, John R; Veerapen, Nadarajen-Conference Paper
Jul-2018A Rolling Window with Genetic Algorithm Approach to Sorting Aircraft for Automated Taxi Routing (Forthcoming)Brownlee, Alexander; Woodward, John R; Weiszer, Michal; Chen, Jun-Conference Paper
2015Deleting Edges to Restrict the Size of an Epidemic: A New Application for TreewidthEnright, Jessica; Meeks, KittyLu, Z; Kim, D; Wu, W; Li, W; Du, D-ZConference Paper
1-Oct-2015Characterising information correlation in a stochastic Izhikevich neuronYang, Zhijun; Gandhi, Vaibhav S; Karamanoglu, Mehmet; Graham, Bruce-Conference Paper
3-Mar-2018On the Fractal Nature of Local Optima NetworksThomson, Sarah; Verel, Sébastien; Ochoa, Gabriela; Veerapen, Nadarajen; McMenemy, PaulLiefooghe, A; López-Ibáñez, MConference Paper
3-Mar-2018How Perturbation Strength Shapes the Global Structure of TSP Fitness LandscapesMcMenemy, Paul; Veerapen, Nadarajen; Ochoa, GabrielaLiefooghe, A; López-Ibáñez, MConference Paper
2017A novel brain-inspired compression-based optimised multimodal fusion for emotion recognitionGogate, Mandar; Adeel, Ahsan; Hussain, Amir-Conference Paper
2012Merging SenticNet and WordNet-Affect emotion lists for sentiment analysisPoria, Soujanya; Gelbukh, Alexander; Cambria, Erik; Yang, Peipei; Hussain, Amir; Durrani, Tariq-Conference Paper
2014OnehopMANET: One-hop structured p2p over mobile ad hoc networksKolberg, Mario; Al, Mojamed Mohammad-Conference Paper
2010Stay at Home, Wash Your Hands: Epidemic Dynamics with Awareness of InfectionKleczkowski, Adam; Maharaj, Savi-Conference Paper
16-Nov-2017Machine learning based computer-aided diagnosis of liver tumoursAli, Liaqat; Khelil, Khaled; Wajid, Summrina; Hussain, Zain U; Shah, Moiz Ali; Howard, Adam; Adeel, Ahsan; Shah, Amir A; Sudhakar, Unnam; Howard, Newton; Hussain, AmirHoward, N; Wang, Y; Hussain, A; Widrow, B; Zadeh, LAConference Paper
16-Nov-2017Persian Named Entity RecognitionDashtipour, Kia; Gogate, Mandar; Adeel, Ahsan; Algarafi, Abdulrahman; Howard, Newton; Hussain, AmirHoward, N; Wang, Y; Hussain, A; Widrow, B; Zadeh, LAConference Paper
16-Nov-2017Complex-valued computational model of hippocampal CA3 recurrent collateralsShiva, Ashraya Samba; Gogate, Mandar; Howard, Newton; Graham, Bruce; Hussain, AmirHoward, N; Wang, Y; Hussain, A; Widrow, B; Zadeh, LAConference Paper
2008Metaheuristics for the bi-objective ring star problemLiefooghe, Arnaud; Jourdan, Laetitia; Basseur, Matthieu; Talbi, El-Ghazali; Burke, Edmundvan, Hemert J; Cotta, CConference Paper
2011Modelling Non-linear Crowd Dynamics in Bio-PEPAMassink, Mieke; Latella, Diego; Bracciali, Andrea; Hillston, JaneGiannakopoulou, D; Orejas, FConference Paper
Jul-2011Biologically-inspired neural coding of sound onset for a musical sound classification taskNewton, Michael; Smith, Leslie-Conference Paper
Aug-2011Memory Efficient On-Line Streaming for Multichannel Spike Train AnalysisYu, Bo; Mak, Terrence; Smith, Leslie; Sun, Yihe; Yakovlev, Alex; Poon, Chi-Sang-Conference Paper
25-May-2015Structural Coherence of Problem and Algorithm: An Analysis for EDAs on all 2-bit and 3-bit ProblemsBrownlee, Alexander; McCall, John; Christie, Lee A-Conference Paper
2015Towards Improved Vehicle Arrival Time Prediction in Public Transportation: Integrating SUMO and Kalman Filter ModelsAbidin, Ahmad Faisal; Kolberg, Mario-Conference Paper
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 216
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