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This collection contains electronic copies of newspaper/magazine articles produced by Biological and Environmental Sciences staff.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
6-Mar-2022A first for large African mammals: DNA used to count Gabon’s endangered forest elephantsMaisels, Fiona-Newspaper/Magazine Article
12-Apr-2022Africa's large aquatic animals are being hunted and traded: we assessed the scaleIngram, Daniel J-Newspaper/Magazine Article
31-Jan-2022How a humble mushroom could save forests and fight climate changeThomas, Paul W-Newspaper/Magazine Article
21-Jun-2021Blackfish: how captive killer whale documentary ended SeaWorld's orca breeding programmeThomas-Walters, Laura; Veríssimo, Diogo-Newspaper/Magazine Article
4-Nov-2020Chernobyl: bumblebees still at risk from radiation nearly 35 years onRaines, Katherine-Newspaper/Magazine Article
3-Sep-2020Five reasons people buy illegal wildlife products – and how to stop themThomas-Walters, Laura; Hinsley, Amy; Veríssimo, Diogo-Newspaper/Magazine Article
5-Aug-2020Britain's public toilet shame: time for equal access to decent facilities for allBoyd Williams, Natalie; Roxburgh, Heather; Dickie, Jennifer-Newspaper/Magazine Article
28-Jul-2020Plastic found lining UK seabird nests on a worrying scaleOvenden, Tom-Newspaper/Magazine Article
9-Mar-2020How the moon formed - new researchSchroeder, Christian-Newspaper/Magazine Article
4-Jul-2019Flying on Saturn’s moon Titan: what we could discover with NASA’s new Dragonfly missionSchroeder, Christian-Newspaper/Magazine Article
10-Jul-2019Climate change: having the right combination of tree 'personalities' could make forests more resilientOvenden, Tom-Newspaper/Magazine Article
10-Jun-2019Happiness may be a choice – except that it’s constrained by vested economic interestsBoyce, Christopher J-Newspaper/Magazine Article
24-Feb-2016Give beavers permanent residence - we'd be dam stupid not toWillby, Nigel; Law, Alan-Newspaper/Magazine Article
12-May-2019Five actions Madagascar’s president must take to save country’s biodiversityRakotonarivo, Sarobidy-Newspaper/Magazine Article
5-May-2015Opportunity of a lifetime: NASA's 4,000 days roving MarsSchroeder, Christian-Newspaper/Magazine Article
28-Oct-2015Discovery of molecular oxygen in comet tail forces rethink on how the solar system formedSchroeder, Christian-Newspaper/Magazine Article
13-Nov-2015Explainer: what is interplanetary dust and can it spread the ingredients of life?Schroeder, Christian-Newspaper/Magazine Article
7-Apr-2016Did comets kick-start life on Earth? Chemists find missing piece of puzzleSchroeder, Christian-Newspaper/Magazine Article
3-Apr-2019Eurasian lynx: how our computer model highlighted the best site for restoring this wild cat to ScotlandOvenden, Tom-Newspaper/Magazine Article
4-Mar-2019Using art to tackle air pollution: a story from a Nairobi slumBowyer, Cressida; Price, Heather-Newspaper/Magazine Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 49