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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
May-2013The coherent organization of mental life depends on mechanisms for context-sensitive gain-control that are impaired in schizophreniaPhillips, William; Silverstein, Steven M-Journal Article
Jun-2011Maternal feeding behaviour and young children's dietary quality: A cross-sectional study of socially disadvantaged mothers of two-year old children using the Theory of Planned BehaviourSwanson, Vivien; Power, Kevin George; Crombie, Iain K; Irvine, Linda; Kiezebrink, Kirsty; Wrieden, Wendy; Slane, Peter W-Journal Article
5-Nov-2014Great apes and biodiversity offset projects in Africa: the case for national offset strategiesKormos, Rebecca; Kormos, Cyril; Humle, Tatyana; Lanjouw, Annette; Rainer, Helga; Victurine, Ray; Mittermeier, Russell A; Diallo, Mamadou S; Rylands, Anthony B; Williamson, Elizabeth A-Journal Article
May-2014Long term maintenance of weight loss with non-surgical interventions in obese adults: systematic review and meta-analyses of randomised controlled trialsDombrowski, Stephan U; Knittle, Keegan P; Avenell, Alison; Araujo-Soares, Vera; Sniehotta, Falko F-Journal Article
Jul-2011Exposure to visual cues of pathogen contagion changes preferences for masculinity and symmetry in opposite-sex facesLittle, Anthony; DeBruine, Lisa M; Jones, Benedict C-Journal Article
1994The use of pigmentation and shading information in recognising the sex and identities of facesBruce, Vicki; Langton, Stephen-Journal Article
2004Size perception is less context-sensitive in malesPhillips, William; Chapman, Katie L S; Berry, P Daniel-Journal Article
Apr-2000You must see the point: Automatic processing of cues to the direction of social attentionLangton, Stephen; Bruce, Vicki-Journal Article
Mar-2008Exploring face perception in disorders of development: evidence from Williams syndrome and autismRiby, Deborah; Doherty-Sneddon, Gwyneth; Bruce, Vicki-Journal Article
2003Configural processing in the perception of eye-gaze directionJenkins, Jenny; Langton, Stephen-Journal Article
Sep-2006Attentional bias to angry faces using the dot-probe task? It depends when you look for itCooper, Robbie M; Langton, Stephen-Journal Article
28-Jul-2010A health assessment tool for multiple risk factors for obesity: age and sex differences in the prediction of body mass indexChambers, Julie; Swanson, Vivien-Journal Article
Aug-2009Gaze perception: is seeing influenced by believing?Langton, Stephen-Journal Article
1999Stimulation of the noradrenergic system enhances and blockade reduces memory for emotional material in manO'Carroll, Ronan; Drysdale, Emma E; Cahill, Larry; Shajahan, Polash; Ebmeier, Klaus P-Journal Article
Aug-2008It depends what you do in the laboratoryWatt, Roger; Quinn, Sandra-Journal Article
1998A comparison of two computer-based face identification systems with human perceptions of facesHancock, Peter J B; Bruce, Vicki; Burton, A Mike-Journal Article
Dec-2007Preferences for symmetry in human faces in two cultures: data from the UK and the Hadza, an isolated group of hunter-gatherersLittle, Anthony; Apicella, Coren L; Marlowe, Frank W-Conference Paper
Oct-2008A systematic review of the relationship between rumination and suicidalityMorrison, Rebecca; O'Connor, Rory-Journal Article
Dec-2006Gaze cues influence the allocation of attention in natural scene viewingLangton, Stephen; O'Donnell, Christopher; Riby, Deborah; Ballantyne, Carrie-Journal Article
Aug-2004Parsing brain activity with fMRI and mixed designs: what kind of a state is neuroimaging in?Donaldson, David-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1213
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