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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
4-Apr-2017The role of motion and number of element locations in mirror symmetry perceptionSharman, Rebecca J; Gheorghiu, Elena-Journal Article
8-Feb-2017Facial expression: An under-utilised tool for the assessment of welfare in mammals (Forthcoming/Available Online)Descovich, Kristin; Wathan, Jennifer Wathan; Leach, Matthew C; Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M; Flecknell, Paul; Farningham, David; Vick, Sarah-Jane-Journal Article
Jan-2017The influence of facility and home pen design on the welfare of the laboratory-housed dogScullion-Hall, Laura; Robinson, Sally; Finch, John; Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M-Journal Article
Jan-2017Prevalence, impact and cost of multimorbidity in a cohort of people with chronic pain in Ireland: a study protocolSlattery, Brian W; O'Connor, Laura; Haugh, Stephanie; Dwyer, Christopher P; O'Higgins, Siobhain; Caes, Line; Egan, Jonathan; McGuire, Brian E-Journal Article
Feb-2017Quality of life in persons after traumatic brain injury as self-perceived and as perceived by the caregiversFormisano, Rita; Longo, Eloise; Azicnuda, Eva; Silvestro, Daniela; D'Ippolito, Mariagrazia; Truelle, Jean-Luc; Von, Steinbuchel Nicole; Von, Wild Klaus; Wilson, J T Lindsay; Rigon, Jessica; Barba, Carmen; Forcina, Antonio; Giustini, Marco-Journal Article
Jan-2017Systematic Review: Associations Between Family Functioning and Child Adjustment After Pediatric Cancer Diagnosis: A Meta-AnalysisVan, Schoors Marieke; Caes, Line; Knoble, Naomi B; Goubert, Liesbet; Verhofstadt, Lesley L; Alderfer, Melissa A-Journal Article
Feb-2017Personal distress and sympathy differentially influence health care professional and parents’ estimation of child procedure-related painCaes, Line; Goubert, Liesbet; Devos, Patricia; Verlooy, Joris; Benoit, Yves; Vervoort, Tine-Journal Article
Jan-2017A Comparison of Maternal versus Paternal Nonverbal Behavior During Child PainSchinkel, Meghan; Chambers, Christine T; Caes, Line; Moon, Erin C-Journal Article
2017The Associations Between Children's and Adolescents' Suicidal and Self-Harming Behaviors, and Related Behaviors Within Their Social Networks: A Systematic ReviewQuigley, Jody; Rasmussen, Susan; McAlaney, John-Journal Article
Mar-2017Effect of biological relatedness on perfume selection for others: Preliminary evidenceSobotkova, Marketa; Fialova, Jitka; Roberts, S Craig; Havlicek, Jan-Journal Article
3-Mar-2017Word meaning acquisition is reflected in brain potentials of isolated wordsKuipers, Jan Rouke; Uminski, Anastasia; Green, Zoe; Hughes, David; Aglietti, Tommaso-Journal Article
15-Mar-2017The social norms of suicidal and self-harming behaviours in Scottish adolescentsQuigley, Jody; Rasmussen, Susan; McAlaney, John-Journal Article
2017N-of-1 study of weight loss maintenance assessing predictors of physical activity, adherence to weight loss plan and weight changeKwasnicka, Dominika; Dombrowski, Stephan U; White, Martin; Sniehotta, Falko F-Journal Article
-Does one year of schooling improve children’s cognitive control and alter associated brain activation? (Forthcoming)Brod, Garvin; Bunge, Silvia; Shing, Yee Lee-Journal Article
28-Feb-2017Developing and validating a theoretical measure of modifiable influences on hormonal therapy medication taking behaviour in women with breast cancer (Forthcoming/Available Online)Cahir, Catriona; Dombrowski, Stephan U; Kennedy, M John; Sharp, Linda; Bennett, Kathleen E-Journal Article
Oct-2006In defense of the lexical-competition account of picture-word interference: A comment on Finkbeiner and Caramazza (2006)La, Heij Wido; Kuipers, Jan Rouke; Starreveld, Peter A-Journal Article
22-Jul-2016Antenatal physical activity: a qualitative study exploring women’s experiences and the acceptability of antenatal walking groupsCurrie, Sinead; Gray, Cindy; Shepherd, Ashley; McInnes, Rhona-Journal Article
Nov-2008Men report stronger attraction to femininity in women's faces when their testosterone levels are highWelling, Lisa L M; Jones, Benedict C; DeBruine, Lisa M; Smith, Finlay G; Feinberg, David R; Little, Anthony; Al-Dujaili, Emad A S-Journal Article
23-Feb-2009Circum-menopausal effects on women's judgements of facial attractivenessVukovic, Jovana; Jones, Benedict C; DeBruine, Lisa M; Little, Anthony; Feinberg, David R; Welling, Lisa L M-Journal Article
2-Mar-2017The nursing work environment and quality of care: A cross-sectional study using the Essentials of Magnetism II Scale in England (Forthcoming/Available Online)Oshodi, Titilayo; Crockett, Rachel; Bruneau, Benjamin; West, Elizabeth-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1063
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