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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
2017Land cover changes detection in polarimetric SAR data using algebra, similarity and distance based methodsNajafi, A.; Hasanlou, M.; Akbari, V.-Journal Article
19-Mar-2024Bi-Lipschitz embeddings of the space of unordered m-tuples with a partial transportation metricBate, David; Garcia Pulido, Ana Lucía-Journal Article
2023Fractal-Based Ensemble Classification System for Hyperspectral ImagesBeirami, Behnam Asghari; Pirbasti, Mehran A; Akbari, Vahid-Journal Article
2022Multivariate Statistical Modeling for Multitemporal SAR Change Detection Using Wavelet Transforms and Integrating Subband DependenciesBouhlel, Nizar; Akbari, Vahid; Meric, Stephane; Rousseau, David-Journal Article
8-Dec-2023On the non-existence of sympathetic Lie algebras with dimension less than 25Garcia Pulido, Ana Lucia; Salgado, Gil-Journal Article
Dec-2023Modelling norovirus dynamics within oysters emphasises potential food safety issues associated with current testing & depuration protocolsMcMenemy, Paul; Kleczkowski, Adam; Taylor, Nick G H-Journal Article
3-Dec-2023DeSSR: a Decentralized, Broadcast-Based Scalable Scheduling Reservation Protocol for 6TiSCH NetworksKumar, Kaushal; Kolberg, Mario-Journal Article
29-Nov-2023A modeling study of the impact of treatment policies on the evolution of resistance in sea lice on salmon farmsTrombetta, Enrico; Jakubiak, Sara; Kutkova, Sara; Lipschutz, Debby; O'hare, Anthony; Enright, Jessica A-Journal Article
2-Nov-2023Towards Explainable Metaheuristics: Feature Extraction from Trajectory MiningFyvie, Martin; Mccall, John; Christie, Lee; Brownlee, Alexander; Singh, Manjinder-Journal Article
Sep-2023STNWeb: A new visualization tool for analyzing optimization algorithmsChacón Sartori, Camilo; Blum, Christian; Ochoa, Gabriela-Journal Article
5-Sep-2023‘They gave me an opportunity, and I took it’: motivations and concerns of adult apprenticesSmith, Sally; Fabian, Khristin; Taylor-Smith, Ella; Barr, Matthew; Berg, Tessa; Bratton, Andrew; Kolberg, Mario; Paterson, Jim; Zarb, Mark-Journal Article
1-Dec-2023Integrating remote sensing and machine learning to detect turbidity anomalies in hydroelectric reservoirsSouza, Anderson P; Oliveira, Bruno A; Andrade, Mauren L; Starling, Maria Clara V M; Pereira, Alexandre H; Maillard, Philippe; Nogueira, Keiller; dos Santos, Jefersson A; Amorim, Camila C-Journal Article
22-Jun-2023Multiscale matrix pencils for separable reconstruction problemsCuyt, Annie; Lee, Wen-shin-Journal Article
1-Dec-2023Text mining of veterinary forums for epidemiological surveillance supplementationMunaf, Samuel; Swingler, Kevin; Brülisauer, Franz; O’Hare, Anthony; Gunn, George; Reeves, Aaron-Journal Article
10-Aug-2023Competing risks analysis for neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio as a predictor of diabetic retinopathy incidence in the Scottish populationRajendrakumar, Aravind Lathika; Hapca, Simona M; Nair, Anand Thakarakkattil Narayanan; Huang, Yu; Chourasia, Mehul Kumar; Kwan, Ryan Shun-Yuen; Nangia, Charvi; Siddiqui, Moneeza K; Vijayaraghavan, Prathiba; Matthew, Shona Z; Leese, Graham P; Mohan, Viswanathan; Pearson, Ewan R; Doney, Alexander S F; Palmer, Colin N A-Journal Article
May-2023Positive feedback loops exacerbate the influence of superspreaders in disease transmissionWanelik, Klara M.; Begon, Mike; Fenton, Andy; Norman, Rachel A.; Beldomenico, Pablo M.-Journal Article
2023Expected goals in football: Improving model performance and demonstrating valueMead, James; O’Hare, Anthony; McMenemy, Paul-Journal Article
2023A toy model of food production in a connected landscapeO'Hare, Anthony-Journal Article
Nov-2022Glycated Haemoglobin A1c Variability Score Elicits Kidney Function Decline in Chinese People Living with Type 2 DiabetesZhou, Yiling; Huang, Hongmei; Yan, Xueqin; Hapca, Simona; Bell, Samira; Qu, Furong; Liu, Li; Chen, Xiangyang; Zhang, Shengzhao; Shi, Qingyang; Zeng, Xiaoxi; Wang, Miye; Li, Nan; Du, Heyue; Meng, Wentong-Journal Article
2023GMM-IL: Image Classification Using Incrementally Learnt, Independent Probabilistic Models for Small Sample SizesJohnston, Penny; Nogueira, Keiller; Swingler, Kevin-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 641