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This collection contains electronic copies of book chapters and sections produced by Computing Science and Mathematics staff.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
28-Dec-2023Enhancing Genetic Improvement Mutations Using Large Language ModelsBrownlee, Alexander; Callan, James; Even-Mendoza, Karine; Geiger, Alina; Hanna, Carol; Petke, Justyna; Sarro, Federica; Sobania, DominikArcaini, Paolo; Yue, Tao; Fredericks, Erik MPart of book or chapter of book
2020Finding the Maximal Independent Sets of a Graph Including the Maximum Using a Multivariable Continuous Polynomial Objective Optimization FormulationHeal, Maher; Li, JingpengArai, Kohei; Kapoor, Supriya; Bhatia, RahulPart of book or chapter of book
2006BOA for Nurse SchedulingLi, Jingpeng; Aickelin, UweCantúPaz, Erick; Pelikan, Martin; Sastry, KumaraPart of book or chapter of book
2016Opening the Black Box: Analysing MLP Functionality Using Walsh FunctionsSwingler, KevinMerelo, JJ; Rosa, A; Cadenas, JM; Dourado, A; Madani, K; Filipe, JConference Paper
31-Dec-2018A Case Study of Closed-Domain Response Suggestion with Limited Training DataGalke, Lukas; Gerstenkorn, Gunnar; Scherp, AnsgarElloumi, M; Granitzer, M; Hameurlain, A; Seifert, C; Stein, B; Tjoa, AM; Wagner, RConference Paper
2007Multi-robot search and rescue: A potential field based approachBaxter, Joseph L; Burke, Edmund; Garibaldi, Jonathan M; Norman, MarkMukhopadhyay, SC; Gupta, GSPart of book or chapter of book
2012An evolutionary algorithm for the over-constrained airport baggage sorting station assignment problemAsco, Amadeo; Atkin, Jason A D; Burke, EdmundBui, LT; Ong, YS; Hoai, NX; Ishibuchi, H; Suganthan, PNConference Paper
2008A metaheuristic approach to aircraft departure scheduling at London Heathrow airportAtkin, Jason A D; Burke, Edmund; Greenwood, John S; Reeson, DaleHickman, M; Mirchandani, P; Voss, SPart of book or chapter of book
2011An adaptive tie breaking and hybridisation hyper-heuristic for exam timetabling problemsBurke, Edmund; Qu, Rong; Soghier, AmrPelta, Da; Krasnogor, N; Dumitrescu D, D; Chira, C; Lung, RPart of book or chapter of book
2012Decoding network activity from LFPS: A computational approachMahmud, Mufti; Travalin, Davide; Hussain, AmirHuang, T; Zeng, Z; Li, C; Leung, CSPart of book or chapter of book
Oct-2012Personalised Ambient Monitoring: Supporting Mental Health at HomeMagill, Evan; Blum, Jesse MichaelTurner, KJPart of book or chapter of book
2009An investigation into audiovisual speech correlation in reverberant noisy environmentsCifani, Simone; Abel, Andrew; Hussain, Amir; Squartini, Stefano; Piazza, FrancescoEsposito, A; Vích, RPart of book or chapter of book
2013Sentic Computing for Social Media Analysis, Representation, and RetrievalCambria, Erik; Grassi, Marco; Poria, Soujanya; Hussain, AmirRamzan, N; van Zwol, R; Lee, J-S; Cluver, K; Hua, X-SPart of book or chapter of book
2007A novel psychoacoustically motivated multichannel speech enhancement systemHussain, Amir; Cifani, Simone; Squartini, Stefano; Piazza, Francesco; Durrani, TariqEsposito, A; Faundez-Zanuy, M; Keller, E; Marinaro, MPart of book or chapter of book
2009Maximising audiovisual correlation with automatic lip tracking and vowel based segmentationAbel, Andrew; Hussain, Amir; Nguyen, Quoc-Dinh; Ringeval, Fabien; Chetouani, Mohamed; Milgram, MauriceFierrez, J; Ortega-Garcia, J; Esposito, A; Drygajlo, A; Faundez-Zanuy, MPart of book or chapter of book
2013A review of artificial intelligence and biologically inspired computational approaches to solving issues in narrative financial disclosureMinhas, Saliha; Poria, Soujanya; Hussain, Amir; Hussainey, KhaledLiu, D; Alippi, C; Zhao, D; Hussain, AConference Paper
2016A Targeted Estimation of Distribution Algorithm Compared to Traditional Methods in Feature SelectionNeumann, Geoffrey; Cairns, DavidMadani, K; Dourado, A; Rosa, A; Filipe, J; Kacprzyk, JConference Paper
2009Goals for Telecare NetworksTurner, Kenneth J; Campbell, Gavin AObaid, AbdelConference Paper
2013Improved efficiency of road sign detection and recognition by employing Kalman filterZakir, Usman; Hussain, Amir; Ali, Liaqat; Luo, BinLiu, D; Alippi, C; Zhao, DB; Hussain, AConference Paper
2013Conceptual clustering of documents for automatic ontology generationKrishnan, Reshmy; Hussain, Amir; Sherimon, P CLiu, D; Alippi, C; Zhao, D; Hussain, AConference Paper
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 59