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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Jun-2023Dispositional and situational attributions for why the rich live longer than the poorBridger, Emma K.; Tufte‐Hewett, Angela; Comerford, David A.-Journal Article
24-Nov-2023Perceived health inequalities: are the UK and US public aware of occupation-related health inequality, and do they wish to see it reduced?Bridger, Emma K.; Tufte-Hewett, Angela; Comerford, David A.-Journal Article
19-Jan-2023Response Bias in Survey Measures of Expectations: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Expectations’ Inflation ModuleComerford, David A-Journal Article
Feb-2024Public preferences to trade-off gains in total health for health equality: Discrepancies between an abstract scenario versus the real-world scenario presented by COVID-19Comerford, David A; Tufte-Hewett, Angela; Bridger, Emma K-Journal Article
Apr-2024The age‐wage‐productivity puzzle: Evidence from the careers of top earnersScarfe, Rachel; Singleton, Carl; Sunmoni, Adesola; Telemo, Paul-Journal Article
Mar-2024Do natural resources and foreign direct investment tend to erode or support the development of national institutions?Chiyaba, Grivas; Singleton, Carl-Journal Article
Dec-2023The extent of downward nominal wage rigidity: New evidence from payroll dataSchaefer, Daniel; Singleton, Carl-Journal Article
Sep-2023A decade of violence and empty stadiums in Egypt: when does emotion from the terraces affect behaviour on the pitch?Singleton, Carl; Reade, J James; Schreyer, Dominik-Journal Article
Jul-2023Betting on a buzz: Mispricing and inefficiency in online sportsbooksRamirez, Philip; Reade, J. James; Singleton, Carl-Journal Article
Jan-2024The Iron Curtain and Referee Bias in International FootballDagaev, Dmitry; Paklina, Sofia; Reade, J James; Singleton, Carl-Journal Article
28-May-2023Hazardous human-wildlife encounters, risk attitudes, and the value of shark nets for coastal recreationBörger, Tobias; Mmonwa, Kolobe; Campbell, Danny-Journal Article
9-Mar-2023Balancing perspectives on performance: “Measurement from the inside” and “measurement from the outside”Lee, Boram; Sejas‐Portillo, Rodolfo; Fraser, Ian-Journal Article
Jun-2022Meritocracy and the inheritance of advantageComerford, David; Rodríguez Mora, José V; Watts, Michael J-Journal Article
2022Using discrete choice experiments to elicit preferences for digital wearable health technology for self-management of chronic kidney diseaseGc, Vijay S; Iglesias, Cynthia P; Erdem, Seda; Hassan, Lamiece; Peek, Niels; Manca, Andrea-Journal Article
-Household structure, labour participation and economic inequality in Britain, 1937-61Gazeley, Ian; Newell, Andrew; Reynolds, Kevin; Rufrancos, Hector-Journal Article
13-Jan-2023Does the depth of informality influence welfare in urban Sub-Saharan Africa?Egger, Eva-Maria; Poggi, Cecilia; Rufrancos, Héctor-Journal Article
25-Nov-2022Escaping from hunger before WW1: the nutritional transition and living standards in Western Europe and USA in the late nineteenth centuryGazeley, Ian; Holmes, Rose; Newell, Andrew; Reynolds, Kevin; Rufrancos, Hector Gutierrez-Journal Article
12-Dec-2022Designing financial incentives for health behaviour change: a mixed-methods case study of weight loss in men with obesityvan der Pol, Marjon; McDonald, Matthew; Collacott, Hannah; Dombrowski, Stephan U; Harris, Fiona M; Kee, Frank; Gray, Cindy; Skinner, Rebecca; Avenell, Alison; Hoddinott, Pat-Journal Article
9-Nov-2022The Perception of Women in Rural and Remote Scotland About Intrapartum Care: A Qualitative StudyWatson, Verity; Bryers, Helen; Krucien, Nicolas; Erdem, Seda; Burnside, Mary; van Woerden, Hugo C-Journal Article
2022A simple satisficing modelSandorf, Erlend Dancke; Campbell, Danny; Chorus, Caspar-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 644