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This collection contains electronic copies of research reports produced by Aquaculture staff.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Nov-2022Climate change impacts on marine aquaculture relevant to the UK and IrelandMurray, Alexander; Falconer, Lynne; Clarke, Dave; Kennerley, Adam-Research Report
2021Workshop on the Inclusion of Discard Survival in Stock Assessments (WKSURVIVE)ICES,-Research Report
Dec-2018Technical Considerations of closed containment sea pen production for some life stages of salmonidsClarke, Roy; Maitland, Danielle; Bostock, John-Research Report
2006When Co-management Fails: A Review of Theory and Lessons Learned from Reservoir Fisheries in the Dry-Zone of Sri LankaMurray, FrancisDickson M, M; Brooks, AResearch Report
2017Regional Review on Status and Trends in Aquaculture Development in Europe - 2015Clarke, Roy; Bostock, John-Technical Report
Sep-2003The potential impact of technological innovation on the aquaculture industryBostock, John; Telfer, Trevor; McAndrew, Brendan; Penman, David; Young, James; Muir, James-Research Report
Oct-2014The long-term economic and ecologic impact of larger sustainable aquacultureLane, Alistair; Hough, Courtney; Bostock, JohnKelmelytÄ—,; V,Research Report
Jan-2017Environmental tipping points and food system dynamics: Main reportBenton, Tim; Fairweather, Dan; Graves, Anil; Harris, Jim; Jones, Aled; Lenton, Tim; Norman, Rachel; O'Riordan, Tim; Pope, Edward; Tiffin, Richard-Research Report
Mar-2012An aquaculture strategy for MaltaScott, David; Meyer, Trevor; Bostock, John; Spiteri, Adrian; Zarb, Michael; Deidun, Alan; Corner, Richard; Balzan, Colbert-Technical Report
Sep-2009European aquaculture competitiveness: Limitations and possible strategiesBostock, John; Murray, Francis; Muir, James; Telfer, Trevor; Lane, Alistair; Anagnopoulos, Nikos; Papageorgiou, Philippos; Alday-Sanz, Victoria-Research Report
Oct-2009Evaluation of the Impact of "A strategy for the Sustainable Development of European Aquaculture" COM (2002) 511 FinalLane, Alistair; Hough, Courtney; Bostock, John-Research Report
2016Cage aquaculture in Lake Volta, Ghana. Guidelines for a sustainable futureAsmah, Ruby; Karikari, Anthony; Falconer, Lynne; Telfer, Trevor; Ross, Lindsay-Research Report
2015Lean, green, mean, obscene…? What is efficiency? And is it sustainable? Animal production and consumption reconsideredGarnett, Tara; Roos, Elin; Little, David C-Research Report
Jul-2015A social and economic impact assessment of cockle mortality in the Burry Inlet and Three Rivers cockle fisheries, South Wales UKMurray, Francis; Tarrant, Peter-Research Report
Dec-2015A Risk Benefit Analysis of Mariculture as a means to Reduce the Impacts of Terrestrial Production of Food and EnergyRoberts, Caroline A; Newton, Richard; Bostock, John; Prescott, Steven; Honey, David J; Telfer, Trevor; Walmsley, Suzannah F; Little, David C; Hull, Stephen C-Research Report
Aug-2012Evaluation Of Sensitivity To Chemotherapeutants In Successive Generations Of Lepeoptheirus Salmonis From A Resistant PopulationTildesley, Andrew; Boyd, Sally; Matthew, Chessor; Barnett, Simon; Bassett, D I; Cowan, Mairi; Roy, WilliamScottish Aquaculture Research Forum Report 069,Research Report
Mar-2014Review of recirculation aquaculture system technologies and their commercial applicationMurray, Francis; Bostock, John; Fletcher, David-Research Report
May-2010A study of the prospects and opportunities for shellfish farming in Scotland: Final reportScott, David; McLeod, Douglas; Young, James; Brown, Janet; Immink, Anton; Bostock, John-Research Report
Jul-1991Population control in farmed tilapiasLittle, David C; Mair, Graham C-Journal Article
2008Innovation in aquaculture teaching and learningBostock, John; Steingrimsson, Stefan Oli; Pirhonen, Juhani; Fernandez-Borras, Jaime; Ronsholdt, Bent; Dhont, Jean; de Lara Rey, Jose; Moulton, Michael Kirby; Kiessling, Anders; Ueberschaer, Bernd-Research Report
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23